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May 3, 2014 5:30pm PDT
get some momentum to diplomatic efforts he was welcomed here by germany's foreign minister what's the next step there it's a delicate situation on the ground right now the then foreign minister did find to be rationed in getting chills the sea despite the federal role in education nations he said the result of indecent even better if he meant this release we get to some of the osce that they will be increasing their presence on the grounds they face a difficult match but it will continue to dave calls it the more fight scenes in the natural springs all three of us and right as we speak that separatists are engaged in fire fights with ukraine in mexico are now making plans set to the inside of a cd that they have made some progress this effort is still crucial if the team gold and a new hunt we believe that the boss i will say that the pro russian separatists have taken him a victory but krugman cent of adults is some ukrainian to this whole sticks and also building he hinted that it secured a set of his building has been taken as a by the great russian name for this situation very
May 2, 2014 5:30pm PDT
. economically the gas that is its gas supplies for germany for eastern europe what it be that easy for russia to simply turn off the gas to europe. when we would not be easy though it would be rather difficult russia is hard currency reserves. in less than five hundred million but has that collectively the corporate sector the banking sector and the state sector when in excess of seven hundred billion so long that bases its intended. well in excess of two hundred million so it cannot afford it beyond russia can pretend that you can afford it. and god intended doing that. waiting to see how frightened the worst react. ok what about the possibility that russia will be selling its gas to china there's a lot of discussions of right now going on between beijing and moscow is a possibility that's a possibility but quantitative limits of negligible. it's the quantities i get too small to expand the quantities we would have to build a lot more pipelines and the soviet states not really in a bargaining chip at this point of time. ok so mostly russian gas will keep on flowing for the time being
May 1, 2014 5:30pm PDT
everyone agrees with her group of radical feminists briefly disrupted the planned speech. in germany berlin is bracing itself for an idea but the rest of the city hosts the left wing demonstration that it is the class is almost every year. thousands of police are on duty helping to prevent a repeat of the violence of the past. israel that was a prime minister there says he wants to officially declare the country. a jewish state and human destiny on he says that the country's parliament should also know declaring israel's demands of the jewish people. nineteen was one of the stumbling blocks in peace tools for the palestinians that we see right down and speed shop the croissants by the us and the eu israeli arabs handles in on tues. can democrats to find excuse to be jewish state has been stools. one of ireland's most prominent political figures is facing a second night in police custody. under questioning over a notorious murder his name is carrie and tim swanson c'mon for the ira place between thinks he is a peacemaker in orphan islands has denied any involvement in the kidnapping a
Apr 30, 2014 5:30pm PDT
at a press conference with the japanese prime minister shinzo ave is in germany right now at the start of the european tour. japan's prime minister has come to europe for a ten day visit and berlin is the first stop on his itinerary. thompson the german capital are focused on trade issues but also on ukraine. the fate of western hostages was among the first questions at a joint press conference with chancellor under the mantle once the gardens and wine made from north of the detainees and their families. we are doing everything on comp and i get the impression that the ukrainian government and the oecd also doing what they can eat it all. i can only hope that these combined efforts lead to success let them go. metro said russia's president vladimir putin must take action to de escalate the situation in eastern ukraine. the german leader said ukraine's elections scheduled for may twenty fifth must also go ahead she's a lot they described the crisis in ukraine as a global problem. japan has also extended its sanctions against russia. both leaders agreed more economic sanctions will
Apr 29, 2014 5:30pm PDT
operations. gazprom currently supply as thirty percent of europe's gas needs. most of which goes to germany the kremlin is often accused of using gas prone to achieve its foreign policy goals. oh short time ago we spoke to dw corresponding right to aid in moscow master if europe should consider this a real threat to gazprom. quite a serious warning at least that is also what experts here in moscow. tell us it is an official warning from the kremlin and gazprom ce year in second base after topping is very import since you're action on saturday regarding the sanctions that led us around a couple of weeks ago my pt sent a licensee european league is reminding them that that ukraine was this very important and transatlantic for russian gas to ukraine was owning a rush oh one and the hoff billion euros of money just for gas and she also said that russia had some courses in ukraine with the subsidies for a gas and a net value of two and twenty five billion euros. it's not just about money there too she once that money of course but he also must be very frustrated about the fact that all the subsi
Apr 28, 2014 5:30pm PDT
. germany's siemens or us conglomerate ge what lessons are on to the ukrainian city of donetsk in the east where pro and anti russian activists adult in the streets leaving fourteen people injured some seriously as the situation in eastern ukraine becomes more volatile the united states and the eu have unveiled a new round of sanctions against russia. targeting top government advisors and the number of companies of these new sanctions were milder than men in moscow had feared. washington says the kremlin is not doing enough to rein in separate groups another building seems to be more barricades going on a pro russian activists in the town of content in each cup about what a find the latest conquest on monday it was another sign that the separatist movement in eastern ukraine remains undiminished. brussels european union ambassadors scampered to discuss additional sanctions against russia which the eu and usa is actively backing the rebels. washington has expanded its own list of sanctions which now include export bans to mention defense contractors. russian president money to put in brushe
Apr 27, 2014 2:30pm PDT
on behalf of the group, watched, colonel schneider from germany said there had been no wrong treatment. >> i can tell you that the work the word of is a -- the mayor is a word of honor. we have not been touched, and we have been treated as the maximum extent, which is possible, under thie circumstances. >> schneider rejected allegations the inspectors were nato spies, saying that they were in ukraine on a diplomatic mission. mayor hasppointed said the observers might be released in exchange for jailed activists. we understand that the soldiers are hostages of the situation. three members of ukraine's security service have been captured. the armed insurgents claim they are on a mission to save the latest of the pro-russian force. they, too, were presented to the press but only to russian journalists. is seeking then release of all captives. beenr correspondent has covering events and joins us on the line. wasswedish observer released for medical reasons but the separatists are not budging. you were there today. what is your take? do you think they go she =- --do you think nego
Apr 26, 2014 2:30pm PDT
organization confirmed that germany is leading negotiations for their release. >> it's a bilateral mission under the command of the german military's verification center. it is primarily a matter for germany. there is also the ukrainian government, which invited the mission into the country. today are also in contact. >> ukrainian reports say the observers are being held here at the barricaded police headquarters. separatists say they are in good health and that one soldier is being treated for diabetes. ukraine's interim prime minister condemned to the kidnapping. >> the idea that the so-called peace protesters are real terrorists is absurd. >> the osce has had no contact with them since they were taken captive. russia is working to resolve the situation. >> we're are joined now by our correspondent in kiev. alexander, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers -- alexandra, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers? the ukraine'so domestic intelligence agency, captives are being held in bad conditions. one person reportedly needs medical help and was denied to
Apr 25, 2014 5:30pm PDT
journalist was released yesterday. they work liao. the five lateral position. led by germany it's interesting that this will lead to turn opinion about the situation to go to a member of the previous bilateral action and eyes that he had lost contact with the biggest number of fish certainly begs the question the db separatist forces in eastern ukraine today recognize any authority apart from one that is sanctioned by moscow. no wonder why hostile to western journalists. the fact that they know that it was first told when to watch go about each poet to poet should be monitored. quite revealing they opened the door. geneva last week's topics that were represented. and it didn't join us on the story for susan thank you very much are those few more on this observer mission we will live with our political correspondent the show proof that she has been looking into that for a son. it is the osce mission of what kind of group. is it and what to do. but if industry verification mission is courtenay says he affirmed done many many years acting as a participating sit in the elysee in the o
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9